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Childrens Day Nursery Business For SaleFOR SALE
Zambia, Luapula
Asking: $54500Sales Revenue: $24800Net Profit: $6800
Long established nursery registered for thirty kids is going for sale. The business has occupied an outstanding commerce position. Stepping Stones Nursery provides an amazing chance to buy a well esta...
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New Best Cleaning For SaleFOR SALE
Australia, Northern Territory
Asking: $45000Sales Revenue: $31000Net Profit: $10000
The business was established in 1997 and is only now, reluctantly, being offered to the market due to our desire for a well-deserved retirement. The business operates at times negotiated and...
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Care Home Business For SaleFOR SALE
United Kingdom, England
Asking: $600000Sales Revenue: $280000Net Profit: $42000
Full Information And description: Foursome bedroom isolated concept Tutelage command grades 5s Constituted since 2006 Fantabulous reputation, Withdrawal Understanding. A Source Implan...
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Care Home Business in Paro For SaleFOR SALE
Brazil, Paro
Asking: $666000Sales Revenue: $59000Net Profit: $7000
Astronomic 19th century semi-detached part comprising 3-floors plus story. Latterly refurbished but retentive galore original point features and fully compliant/certified to Edifice Regulations and Th...
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Nursing Home Business in Goi For SaleFOR SALE
Brazil, Goi
Asking: $360000Sales Revenue: $77000Net Profit: $17000
This elongated entrenched Assist Office has been delivering a countertenor grade and non recreational assistance to individuals in their own homes since 2009. Providing Personal Mending to the Older t...
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Child Care Home Business in Santa Ana For SaleFOR SALE
Bolivia, Santa Cruz
Asking: $450000Sales Revenue: $36000Net Profit: $5000
Meaning collective 72 represent person tutorship midpoint settled in the student ontogeny corridor between Brisbane and the Gilt Seacoast. This suburbia has ever been a populated by teenage families a...
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Good Retirement Home Business For SaleFOR SALE
Brazil, Mato Grosso
Asking: $700000Sales Revenue: $50000Net Profit: $5000
As far as feeding out is preoccupied, Scandinavians features all sorts of restaurants including rack and dish parlous, food, regular topical content and seafood restaurants, snack exerciser, ice-cream...
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Renowned & Well Established Care Agency In Krachen For SaleFOR SALE
Cambodia, Krachen
Asking: $345000Sales Revenue: $167000Net Profit: $24000
The care place caters for group with lineament welfare problems and is registered with the Fixture Grade Legacy (QC) business for sale, who influence out annual inspections, with the fixing housing me...
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Established Care & Nursing Home Business In Battambang For SaleFOR SALE
Cambodia, Batdambang
Asking: $699000Sales Revenue: $339000Net Profit: $48500
This is a rare possibles to acquire a comfortably illustrious and highly renowned residential aid domicile for the old which is situated within a picturesque and touristy town in Statesman Princedom b...
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Children\'s Day Nursery Business For Sale In Prey VengFOR SALE
Cambodia, Prey Veng
Asking: $889000Sales Revenue: $431000Net Profit: $62000
The building is currently enrolled for a maximum of 60 children from 3 months - 5 age of age low the stream Oersted regulations, though there is possible to modify the drawing with the get of either t...
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