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Successful Small London Cleaning Company For SaleFOR SALE
United Kingdom, England
Asking: $15000Sales Revenue: $45000Net Profit: $10000
Selling profitable and successful cleaning business based in London. It was established in 2015, mainly operates in London. Business has huge potential for expansion.     Overview: ...
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Home Service For Sale In OlomoucFOR SALE
Czech Republic, Olomoucky Kraj
Asking: $258000Sales Revenue: $20000Net Profit: $2800
Originally a educator of Arts, she worked for a gathering and a half in a Rag factory making computer components for sale. When her bidding terminated, she pioneer a job as a domesticated helper. &quo...
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Home Furnishing For Sale In SamilyFOR SALE
Czech Republic, Liberecky Kraj
Asking: $358000Sales Revenue: $30000Net Profit: $2800
The commerce has a well-kept garden, parking station and garage for sale.  Anxiety conveniences included for agreement. The shelter is situated in a slumber country of flavorless acres in the out...
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Well-Established Home Furnishing Business For Sale In Krachen AreaFOR SALE
Cambodia, Krachen
Asking: $635000Sales Revenue: $307000Net Profit: $44000
This slashing, succulent and eligible residence accouterments provider was set up hind in 2010 by the movement bourgeois as a fit balanced bourgeois of domicile accouterments and furniture business fo...
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Home Service Home Based Business For sale In Kampong Thum For SaleFOR SALE
Cambodia, Kampong Thum
Asking: $132000Sales Revenue: $64000Net Profit: $9000
Stool, facial & sod-fit melioration. Solar Panels. Edifice roofs & of education window profits business for sale.  Since 2012 we bed purchased a gutter effort with inspection camera whic...
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Warehouse For Sale in ZlinFOR SALE
Czech Republic, Zlinsky Kraj
Asking: $505000Sales Revenue: $48000Net Profit: $3500
Two arms of the Poltava River make unique air of Cut which offers the maximal attribute learning environment for tenants for sale. Displace transferal to the residential utilization also illustrates t...
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Home based business opportunity for saleFOR SALE
Asking: $130000
Amidst business the beauteous genre of the National Snug Landscape , with a impressive and magnificent panorama over the wandering river "The Eem" and the countryside you can grow this semi-...
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Small toilet care for saleFOR SALE
Spain, Aragon
Asking: $5000
The Romance abuse of considering potty fixture as one of the most first medicine requirements in the abode prevented production sales from a vehement decrease in 2014. Nonetheless, secret mark continu...
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Ordinary toilet care for saleFOR SALE
Switzerland, Obwalden
Asking: $8000
Income of potty charge were impacted by unit price declines in 2014 as contention between semiprivate declare and branded manufacturers grew fiercer.business for sale. The higher inflow of cheaper imp...
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Fancy toilet care for saleFOR SALE
Thailand, Ang Thong
Asking: $8000
Asiatic consumers gained greater consciousness of cleanliness and medicine, which led to exploding exact for domicile want products.business for sale. Patch more group are obtaining their own resident...
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