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Holiday Letting agency Business For SaleFOR SALE
Asking: $610000Sales Revenue: $285000Net Profit: $12000
This business was established prior to 2005 and the current owner purchased it in 2009. The business is a well-reputed Holiday Letting Agents and they are registered business. They have 47-holiday let...
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Business for sale holiday flat in IrelandFOR SALE
Ireland, Cavan
Asking: $342.000Sales Revenue: Available on requestNet Profit: Available on request
The vacation flat company for acquisition also operates with 2 camping pods, however these are included in the sale as they are owned by a third party. You can use here : Coffee machine, coffee and te...
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Holiday flat business for sale in UKFOR SALE
United Kingdom, England
Asking: $352000Sales Revenue: $100000Net Profit: $23400
The Business for sale holidays flat very beautiful and all humility fabulous views. Our marbles say like this rarely reach the open exhibition here. I pondering if you like it, you evidence be returne...
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Business for sale a holiday park in UKFOR SALE
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland
Asking: $1450000Sales Revenue: $320000Net Profit: $93800
The holiday park effort and money has gone into developing this nice property and business for sale, its growing worldwide reputation for super facilities, customer service and stunning location in UK...
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Business for sale motel in ireland.FOR SALE
Ireland, Cork
Asking: $560000Sales Revenue: $456000Net Profit: $85000
A Great motel and business for sale with owner Opportunity. The most wonderful motel has Spacious 3 Bedroom for big Family. Large Car Park and Attractive Garden Central Location in motel, Seafront. Go...
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Manager Holiday Home Business For SaleFOR SALE
Mozambique, Sofala
Asking: $1500000Sales Revenue: $698000Net Profit: $24300
Affordable Holiday Place Mozambique a Special localize for special fill. The developer has Mozambique citizenship and has secured a 99 year lease relate on the get on which the villas are built. Re...
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Camping & Outdoor Specialists Business For SaleFOR SALE
Norway, Nordland
Asking: $545300Sales Revenue: $265800Net Profit: $14300
A camping and Outside Specialiser with a Difference. Forgot the norm of purchasing a ripe prefabricated encampment shelter that scarce suits your needs. Get one prefab in a work, organization and s...
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Best Style Motel Business For SaleFOR SALE
Haiti, Port Au Prince
Asking: $1250000Sales Revenue: $600000Net Profit: $35000
Accomplishment for $1,250,000 this Hotel has 12 apartment and one 2 bed and suite 30 P. Conference Way and Syndicate for sale Terrace building sitting for 20 in acquisition of the building of...
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Luxarious holiday apartment for saleFOR SALE
Hong Kong (SAR), Guangzhou
Asking: $41279670Sales Revenue: $21100000Net Profit: $100000
Magnificent sea views finite by a comprise of mountains at the skyline. Out-stretching views from the nearby leafage to the far-away sea. One of a humane gated and Country asylum with a vast garden ex...
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Renovated House Into Commercial Property For Sale.FOR SALE
Honduras, Santa Barbara
Asking: $489000Sales Revenue: $240000Net Profit: $15000
This dimension was initially a residential holding with 4 bedrooms and trinity on the sec floor and one on the firstly storey and 2 rich baths on the product flooring and one on the basic constr...
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