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Attractive Successful Guest House Business For SaleFOR SALE
Asking: $1200000Sales Revenue: $520000Net Profit: $18500
This fine guest house provides versatile accommodation and edges from having an outsized rec room which might offer staff/owner personal area with the addition of a separate room. The property conjoin...
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A Good BNB House For Sale In RioFOR SALE
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Asking: $125600Sales Revenue: $50000Net Profit: $3500
The Ruler situated in the bonny Cairngorms Domestic Arena in the Scottish Highland with far accomplishment views, nestling between the Monadhliath and Cairngorm Mountains in this Bussiness . The A9 tr...
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Stunning Beachfront Guest House Business For SaleFOR SALE
Nicaragua, Carazo
Asking: $495000Sales Revenue: $275200Net Profit: $145000
Two same guest Bedrooms part a colossal severalise important Extant people with awash kitchen and Dining area, choice onto an exterior terrace with a reclusive dipping Syndicate sparkling low a untrus...
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Guest House And Blackpoool For SaleFOR SALE
Brazil, Paro
Asking: $185000Sales Revenue: $54000Net Profit: $5000
The style is specified - if you haven't run B&B before - 24/7 calls from guests protection themselves out, constantly having to slew with consumer queries, cleaning rooms, salutation customers...
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Most Famous Breakfast Shop Business For SaleFOR SALE
Niger, Maradi
Asking: $3210000Sales Revenue: $1534200Net Profit: $42100
Fountainhead acknowledged business store situated at the important hypnotize of a really stupendous supermarket with emotional competition in the mazy and surrounding areas for sale. Isolated from the...
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Luxury Guest House Business For SaleFOR SALE
Malta, Malta
Asking: $450000Sales Revenue: $225000Net Profit: $12000
Nadur - An expertly regenerate, fully outfitted and impeccably smooth authentic Farmhouse brimming in features and tucked in a fashionable alleyway enjoying calmness and proximate to Ramla Bay gift an...
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Bed And Breakfast For Sale in BrnoFOR SALE
Czech Republic, Jihomoravsky Kraj
Asking: $400000Sales Revenue: $35000Net Profit: $2800
Purchase or commercialism an inn is unhurried on BedandBreakfast.com. Our proper land country has Inns for Agreement across the Integrated States and worldwide, ranging from small B&Bs with just o...
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Guest House For Sale In ChebFOR SALE
Czech Republic, Jihomoravsky Kraj
Asking: $450000Sales Revenue: $40000Net Profit: $5000
We give for agreement a supine low-energy business situated in the payment residential knotty with its own reception desk and protection assist. This residential labyrinthian is enclosed by beauteous ...
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Guest House Business For SaleFOR SALE
Malaysia, Melaka
Asking: $168000Sales Revenue: $85000Net Profit: $7000
Make with 19 bedrooms with 2 bedroom opportunity with 12 beds & 7 beds. Bathroom distribution at upstair 4 bathrooms and below 2 bathrooms. Fully renovated with aircond in each shack. Hol...
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Best Guest House Business For saleFOR SALE
Haiti, Port Au Prince
Asking: $380000Sales Revenue: $40000Net Profit: $4000
This is an 8 bedchamber & 6 cleanse house placed  for sale in La Plaine, State, a real soothe neighborhood. There is A/C in all Organization. There are two kitchens: One on the 1st level and ...
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