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All Wanted Business Adverts
Business Wanted
Retail wanted
Location: Anguilla
Business Wanted
Retail business wanted in Armenia
Location: Armenia, Geghark'unik'
Hairdressing Salon And Beauty Products
I am interested to buy an existing hairdressing salon with a space to sell beauty products, please let me know if there is one available.
Location: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
Resturant /cafe /bakery
I want a restaurant / cafe/bakery to expose my culinary talents.
Location: Jamaica, Kingston
Hotel Business Wanted
I want to buy a 5-star hotel in prime location
Location: Seychelles, La Digue
Jewlery Shop Business Wanted
I want to buy a jewelry shop
Location: Slovakia, Banskobystricky
Metal Manufacturing Wanted
I want to invest Metal manufacturing and also want to buy land space for Metal manufacturing factory.
Location: Slovakia, Kosicky
Music Instrument Business Wanted
I want to buy all kind of Music instrument.
Location: Slovakia, Presovsky
Ice- Cream Shop Business Wanted
I have a small business of ice-cream so i want to buy a ice-cream shop
Location: Slovakia, Presovsky
Commercial Land Business Wanted
I have a Shopping mall so i want to buy a Commercial land
Location: Slovakia, Trnavsky